Demostraciones de robots con lego

Durante los dias que dura la competicion nos visitaran varios expertos del mundo de lego y la robotica que nos explicaran sus proyectos. Este año contaremos con la participacion de Andreas Baumargt, Anika Brandsma y Michael Buss Andersen que nos haran demostraciones de lo que se puede llegar a hacer con imaginación, paciencia y por su puesto piezas de lego.

Andreas Baumgart


Andreas Baumgart started working with computers as they first came up in the 80s. Since 2013, Andreas Baumgart has been working at Jade Hochschule Wilhelmshaven as a lecturer where he uses LEGO MINDSTORMS Education for hands on activity. Together with students from different courses, he realized the production line “papercube”, which is programmed in the context of the lectures and various seminar exercises. The EV3s are programmed in LeJOS, a JAVA for MINDSTORMS. This teaching concept is preparing students for the corporate world: analyze, structure, and program. Andreas Baumgart was honored for his efforts in the papercube-project with the First Jade Teaching Award of the Jade Hochschule in 2016. Since April 2017, Andreas Baumgart has been a LEGO Mindstorms Community Partner (MCP). His goal is to inspire and fascinate people with his LEGO Mindstorms ideas.

Anika Brandsma


My name is Anika Brandsma, I’m from the Netherlands. During the day I’m a student mechanical engineering. In the evenings I love to build robots with LEGO. I mostly build games and animals with my MINDSTORMS. However I also like combining Friends and Elves sets with my MINDSTORMS. I share my passion for LEGO with my family, every one builds with LEGO in my family. Together we share a YouTube channel and Facebook pages called “Vuurzoon” where we share our creations with the rest of the world. During the WRO finals I will show my “Fix the factory” game. This is a project I did together with Will Gorman a friend from the USA. The game is a real sized version of the app ”Fix the factory”. Goal is to program the robot such that it will open the door and drive through it. Are you able to program the robot in the right way?

Michael Buss Andersen


I started building robots for competition with some of my close friends in 2008, and got really interested in the aesthetics and quality of LEGO-constructions. I now study Engineering Psychology at Aalborg University and are very interested in the mechanics of learning kids to program as well as teaching in general. My robot It’s a crazy wheel called Pepperoni. It has wheels on its wheels which means that It can drive in all kinds of ways and directions. It is controlled by a 3 axis gyroscope controller which adds another layer of fun to the steering. It is the most fun when driving around on the floor and in the hands of the audience. I bring two.